Michael Persico Classic Jazz and Swing Quartet performing at the Cape Cod Media Center in September 2016

Michael Persico Jazz

Singer and Trombonist Michael Persico has been a staple of the Cape jazz community for over thirty years. He is a seasoned innovator whose fresh music sounds are an echo from another era. Showcasing a myriad of New York and Chicago style jazz elements, his soulful classic sound is very retro and brings back memories of the nightclub scene of the fifties and sixties. Persico’s music engages listeners with vintage crooning, and familiar classic jazz rhythms, mixed with some rarely heard tunes. According to Jazz Time Magazine, “Cape Cod's resident trombonist was born 70 years too late.."

Today Michael is touring with his talented quartet and sextet, playing sessions at various regional venues, festivals and events throughout the U.S. For anyone who enjoys the vintage sound of smooth jazz, Persico is a true bridge between the past and the present. He brings an authentic perspective to one of the most inspiring periods of American music. Mr. Persico is accepting bookings for the holidays! To book Mr. Persico for your event, house concert, or festival, call us at 508-564-0681 or fill out our inquiry form on our contact us page.